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Optimize Your Life

Psychotherapy symbolized through water ripples


Dynamic approach to therapy that focuses on Self-Discovery, and cognitive behavioral strategies to improve behavior, thoughts and emotions, lending to an improved experience of life.

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Psychonutrition focuses on identifying nutrient deficiencies that lead to biochemical imbalances. This behavioral evaluation results in an individual nutritional plan that targets your unique biochemical needs with compounds provided to support the brain and nervous system, and promote optimal thinking, desirable behavior and mood.  Biochemistry is established through behavioral analysis, however, blood and urine testing may be suggested.

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Happiness Coaching is a informal, yet sophisticated approach, to mental wellness. This coaching is suited for people that have high self-awareness and want to explore and expand their perception of present circumstances. By examining the impact of our current energetic connections, we can make leaps in consciousness, improve overall life satisfaction and accelerate goal achievement.

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 Emotional Posture is a training series that includes six sessions that led to rapid growth and transformation, including improving neurobiological tone. You will learn how to change your brain and cellular memory through a dedicated practice that cultivates new emotional set points. Emotional Posture creates greater cognitive flexibility, adaptability, and improved neurology. It opens the door to expansion and growth as we release the negative influence of emotional traumas stored within the body. 

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