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Colette is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. Her practice is extremely professional and beneficial. She provides a variety of tools to deal with mental health, physical health, and emotional health. Whatever area is of most concern she picks up on and guides you through your journey. I have witnessed her provide tools to get control of anxiety, physical health, and emotional pain. She connects alternatives for prescriptions to natural supplements and how to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. She has helped me overcome very difficult experiences and has given me the rational to live more peacefully in the present moment.

Before I found Colette, I was completely overwhelmed by anxiety. After going through a traumatic event several years ago, anxiety seemed to run my life. Colette has given me the tools and the courage to face this event and at the same time, she has helped me see myself with love and respect. I have had several breakthroughs with her help and I am beginning to feel more like myself again, which feels like a miracle. If you need help "breaking through," I encourage you to seek Colette's support.

Colette is wise beyond her years. An expert in many areas, and excels in psychonutrition and supplementation. I feel more balanced, focused and energetic than ever before. I highly recommend her!

Colette's therapy came into my life through a loved one's concern for my well-being. The loss of my brother to Fentanyl poisoning had me drowning in grief and old traumas. Finding Integrated Mental Wellness felt like a lifeline. Her compassionate guidance in our virtual sessions helped me confront my emotions and reduce my reliance on antidepressants for the first time in two decades. The psychonutritional work I did helped me shed paralyzing anxiety and depresssion. Colette's expertise has been instrumental in reshaping my journey towards healing and renewal. 

I have seen huge improvements since my daughter started seeing Colette. I used to struggle with her every day before school. Ever since we started treatment, my daughter's whole demeanor has brightened up - no more daily struggles, which is such a relief. She finished school with A's and B's and is so much more motivated to succeed in school. It's like she's a happier and more confident 11 year old now. I was feeling pretty hopeless before we found Colette. But within two months, my daughter made incredible progress and she finally has her smile back.

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